Dean D., San Diego, CA
Assistant Property Manager

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for not only making billing easy, but for the flexibility you all show on such a regular basis.  With the coordination of 22 properties and a few managers, I occasionally make a mistake.  MeterNet seem to know my residents so well you are able to alert me when things don’t look right. Just the other day [one of your staff] brought to my attention that I had missed a move out. This was a great save. It gave me the opportunity to collect on the balance before I returned her deposit.

Just wanted to say thanks."


Mick H., Oceanside, CA
HOA President

"Our water bills were so out of line that we feared being forced into bankruptcy. To make matters even worse the City of Oceanside was forced to raise water/sewer rates every six months or so as water costs were going up for all the cities in San Diego County.

Our HOA board elected to install water sub-meters on all eleven of our buildings with a total of 64 units. We chose to go with MeterNet, as their installation fees and setup fees were much lower than any other company in our area.

As a result of adding sub-meters we discovered immediately that huge amounts of water were being wasted for unknown reasons/ We then made owners responsible for their own water usage.

Instead of the HOA paying for water/sewer costs every month we now only pay for water use in the common areas. Incredibly, we are now saving almost $4,000.00 a month for the HOA, money we now use to make various improvements in our community. Plus, we can now pay all our bills without fear of overdrawing our bank account!

I strongly recommend the use of water sub-meters for all condo/townhouse units that don't currently have them. The money they will save as a result is mind-blowing."


T.C., Pepperwood Villas, CA
HOA Board Member

"I am amazed and thankful for the job you and your employees did installing the meters. You said maybe by June first and here it is June first and they are all in. The scheduling and actual installation was barely noticeable and seemed to be relatively painless all the way around. Thanks!"


  • "We are a small complex. We were being told by our property management company that we needed to raise dues by $60.00 a month. Our budget declared $90.00 of the monthly dues was going to pay for water.
    By individually metering the units we could pass the water cost onto the owners and this would relieve the pressure on the budget.
  • It was agreed to not pass on the meter service charges as these were truly common cost. In most cases this was half of the total cost of water.
  • Once metered we could see who the high users were and now be protected for subsidizing high usage.
  • On average the bills now being paid are around $30.00. Singles living alone paying less, families with higher occupancy paying more, and abusers paying for their abuse.
  • However, with raised awareness, the overall reduction in what we were paying to the city added another $10 dollars to the $30.00 being passed on, for a real savings of $40.00. We were able to avoid the monthly increase in dues.
  • We receive monthly reports on billing, consumption, high and low usage, money collected and outstanding money going back monthly for 120 days, and a list of current residents being billed.
  • We recovered our cost of installation in much less time than the six months predicted.
  • Based on my personal experience I would recommend MeterNet"

Lori M., San Diego, CA
HOA Operations Manager

"Once again thank you for the fabulous customer service. On behalf of Management and the Board we are grateful to hopefully have this resolved with this homeowner. Thank you!"

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