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When is my bill due?


The bill is due 26 days from the statement date.

This is the case whether you receive your bill on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule.


Why is my bill so high?


There are a number of reasons why your bill may be higher this cycle. Here are some questions you might ask:

Did you have guests staying with you? Was it hotter than normal? Did you use appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine more than normal? Does your bill indicate a rate increase in your utility district? If none of these seem to be the case, you might have a leak. See Leak Testing.


Why do I pay for sewer?


Sewer is another utility that is billed, usually based on water consumption. Sewer charges cover the cost of treating sewage and grey water, which can be costly. In some areas the sewer costs can be higher than the water costs.


Why do I have a late fee?


Payments that are not received at our payment processing center on or before the due date shown on the bill (usually the last day of the month) may incur a late fee. The post mark on the envelope of a mailed payment is not used for assessing late fees, we must be in receipt of the payment. To avoid the potential for late fees you might consider setting up your account for ACH. If your account is set up for ACH your payment will automatically be deducted from your savings or checking account on or around the due date and your payment will always be considered received 'on time'.


You can download an ACH application form here.


Why is there a delinquency notice on my door?


If payment has not been received on your account and there is a balance over 30 days old, you may receive a notice on our door warning you further action may be taken in order to collect payment on your account. The delinquency notice fee is $30 and has been approved by your community association in order to discourage non-payment of utilities.


Why am I being billed by MeterNet?


Because each individual residence in your community was not directly metered by the providing utility company when it was originally built.


MeterNet has been retained by your community management company or HOA to sub-meter and/or bill the individual residencies in your community. This is to help reduce HOA assessments, promote conservation and/ or encourage responsible management of resources.


Funds are collected by MeterNet on behalf of your community, in order to cover the gross community utility costs incurred. However, unless specifically agreed upon, you are not paying for common areas.


What is the service fee for?


The service fee charged by MeterNet covers the cost of managing resident accounts, including meter reading, billing and customer service.


Where do I send my payment?


Please send all payments to:



145 E. Fig St., Ste. A

Fallbrook, CA 92028


Make checks payable to 'MeterNet'. Please DO NOT SEND CASH.


To ensure accurate and prompt processing of your payment please write your account number on your check.


How can I pay my bill?


You can pay your bill online by credit card, over the telephone by credit card or by mail using a check, postal order, cashiers check or money order. CASH CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.


You can also set up automatic deductions from your savings or checking account by ACH. Click here for a downloadable form. We can only process ACH with a signature on file. Setup may take 4-6 weeks so please ensure that you make payment an alternative method until your ACH setup has been initialized, to avoid late fees.


How do I read my meter?


Meters can be read in a number of different ways depending on the make and their location. Meters that are difficult to access may use a radio read or electronic reading system and may only be read remotely or through a wall pad. Those that are physically accessible may be manually read. For instructions on how to manually read your meter click here.


What happens when I move out?


Depending on whether you are a homeowner or a tenant there are different steps you should take to ensure that you are not billed beyond your date of residence:


As a homeowner it is important that you include the utility account in your escrow proceedings to ensure that your account with MeterNet is closed correctly; the escrow company should contact us directly for final billing totals and account information. You should also notify the management company or Association for your community.


If you are renting a home in an HOA or condominium complex, you should have the owner notify us of your move out date.


If you are renting a unit in an apartment complex, your property manager will contact us directly to notify us of your move out date. At that time we will provide them with the final billing amounts and any previous balance on your account. They will usually deduct any balance from your security deposit at the time of move out.


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